Smart Whiteboard Paint / Clear and White     

Smart Wall Paint is a one-coat whiteboard paint which transforms surfaces into large writable areas. This is an award-winning, commercial grade coating designed for use on any smooth surface.

Consider walls, desks, partition boards, corridors and doors. Used and loved by modern businesses and schools of every size all over the world.

This product can be applied in working spaces, as it is low odour and low VOC. 

It is essential to prime your surface with a water-based primer, before applying Whiteboard Paint.

Complies with all European environmental, health and safety regulations including LEED, Fire Certification, M1 and Indoor Air Comfort.
— Smarter Surfaces


• Low odour, low VOC, Leed Certified, Euroclass Fire Safety Level: B, M1 Certification, Indoor Air Quality Certification 

• FM Office Product of the year 2014 

• Made in Europe 

• Can be applied over magnetic paint or plaster 

• 10 year performance guarantee 


What accessories can be used with this product?

Just like any whiteboard, use any good quality whiteboard markers and cleaners (available here).

Can be it applied around people? 

Yes, it is completely safe to apply around adults and children as it is certified as an extremely low VOC and low odour product. Learn more about the low VOC levels of our specialist coatings here.

Is it a safe product to use?

Yes, Smart Wall Paint complies to all European safety standards and does not contain any isocyanates.

Do I need to employ a professional painter to apply Smart Whiteboard Paint?

No, anyone can paint Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Is Smart Whiteboard Paint permanent?

No. Simply sand surface down first and then paint over it.