Smart Projector Paint Pro (non dry erase)     

Create an extremely high quality projection surface in your space with Smart Projector Paint Pro. This is the best performing projection product in our range. 

Not only does it outperform traditional projector screens, but is low cost and has no size limitations. Smart Projector Paint Pro is the best solution for anyone looking to project high quality images in meetings, lessons or presentations.

This product comes in 6m² and has a gain value of 1.1 and a viewing angle of 140 degrees. 

Suitable for small, medium and large businesses, meeting rooms, conference rooms, hotels, convention centres, schools, universities etc.
— Smarter Surfaces


• Use on plaster, wallboards, wood, metal and concrete. For interior use only 

• Works with all projectors 

• Declutter your workspace 

• Low odour and low VOC 

• Eliminates hotspots 

• An always-on projection screen 


How do I apply Smart Projector Paint Pro? 

You can apply any of Smart Projector Paint Pro using a brush, a roller or a spray.

Can I use any projector with this paint? 

Yes. However we recommend using this product in an area with reduced ambient lighting.

What should I use Smart Projector Paint Pro for? 

Smart Projector Paint Pro is the ideal projection product to be used for any high performance projection in a working or learning environment.

Is this product dry erase? 


What is the gain value of Smart Projector Paint Pro? 

Smart Projector Paint Pro has a gain value of 1.1 and a viewing angle of 140 degrees.