Smart Magnetic Plaster    

Smart Magnetic Plaster is a high performance, commercial grade plaster which transforms any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface.

Containing 67% magnetite, this is our strongest magnetically receptive product. Use in commercial and residential settings. Particularly suitable for improving poor quality surfaces.

Smart Magnetic Plaster comes pre-mixed. Apply just like any standard plaster. When dry, top with paint, a digital print or wallcovering of your choice.

Suitable for surfaces in small, medium and large businesses, conference facilities, meeting rooms, reception, hotels and restaurants.
— Smarter Surfaces


• Very strong magnetic pull: 67% magnetite content 

• Quick and easy to install- just like standard plaster 

• Particularly suitable for poor surface conditions 

• Accommodates any colour 

• Create large magnetic surfaces without the use of metal sheets 

• Digital prints and wallcoverings can easily be applied on top 

• 10 year performance guarantee 


Can Smart Magnetic Plaster be applied on any surface?


What can I put on top of Smart Magnetic Plaster?

Just like any plaster, Smart Magnetic Plaster is a base product. Topcoat in the colour, design or pattern of your choice. Use paint, a digital print or a wallcovering for a great finish as well as functionality.

What type of magnets can be used with Smart Magnetic Plaster?

Use the strongest possible magnets for best performance: neodymium or rare earth magnets.