Smart Magnetic Paint     

Create a magnetic surface of any size with Smart Magnetic Paint. Use for planning, scheduling, brainstorming, posting, project management, sharing, teamwork and lots more.

Containing 50% magnetite, this is a great, cost-effective choice for any magnetic surface.

Topcoat with any colour paint, digital print or wallpaper for a great looking space, that also gives you magnetic performance.

Topcoat with any paint, digital print or wallpaper of your choice for a great looking surface that also gives you magnetic performance.
— Smarter Surfaces


• Low odour and eco friendly 

• Ready to use in just 24 hours 

• High magnetite content 

• Made in Europe 

• 10 year performance guarantee 


My magnetic paint seems thick, can it be thinned?

In most cases, your magnetic paint should not need to be thinned. From time to time, during transportation, the magnetic paint can settle. If you need to thin the paint during application, add 10% water to the tin and stir in thoroughly.

How many coats of Smart Magnetic Paint should I apply? 

We recommend 3 coats (however up to 7 coats will maximise magnetic performance).

Can I put any paint colour of my choice on top of Smart Magnetic Paint?

Yes, but due to the dark grey colour of magnetic paint, you may need to apply more than one coat of the colour of your choice. We recommend using a Primer for a smooth white base for lighter shades of topcoat paint.

Can I install a digital print or wallcovering on top of Smart Magnetic Paint?

Yes. It is very suitable to be used with these products. We recommend you choose a thin product to go on top, as a thicker / deeper topcoat might affect magnetic performance. Alternately, considering using Smart Magnetic Plaster for a stronger magnetic base.

What type of magnets can I use with Smart Magnetic Paint?

Smart Neo-Magnets or rare earth magnets should be used as these are the strongest available.